Wet Sump -LT - Gen V L8T Forged & Polished Crankshaft Kit w/Bearings

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Complete Crankshaft Kit - Includes Main Bearings & Rod Bearings

Looking for a premium product that supports high horsepower without sacrificing longevity and your wallet?  Take all of the guess work out with our Factory Mast Premium Rotating Assemblies.  Packaged with all the components you need to complete your Build, when choosing the Factory Mast Standard or Re-Sleeved Blocks.

100% made in USA - No Compromises

Kit includes:

  • Forged & REM Isotropic Polished GM Factory L8T Crank
  • Main & Rod Journal Reground to Performance Tolerances
  • Center Counterweight
  • New Tig Welded 58X Reluctor Wheel
  • Main Bearings
  • Rod Bearings
  • Assembly Lube
  • Dry Sump Cranks, include extended post

** Requires 8 Bolt style flywheel or Flexplate

Versions Available

  • LT 3.858" Stroke Wet Sump- 2.548" Main Journal - 2.090" Rod Journal
  • LT 3.900" Stroke Wet Sump- 2.548" Main Journal - 1.990" Rod Journal