About Factory Mast

Factory Mast was created to offer drop in engine and bolt on products for your late model vehicles.  Factory Mast's goal is to develop drop in systems for budget friendly applications.  Use our bolt on performance kits to build your own combination, or take one of our crate engines and drop it into any vehicle you want.  

Factory Mast Turn Key Crate engines are geared for your GM LS & LT Swap applications, with exciting new applications for the FOMOCO fans with the Godzilla 7.3 Liter Engine. 

Don't Forget About Performance

For over 15 years Mast Motorsports has proven its industry leading power advantages with its Black Label product line.  As an extension of those developments, Factory Mast applies the latest in horsepower, reliability, engine controls, and research to all Factory Mast Components.  

What is the LST Conversion?


LST makes it easy for you to drop in the latest engines and components into your restoration, off road, hot rod, or late model vehicle.

Factory Mast converts late model GM Gen V (LT) & Ford Godzilla platforms and updates the system to a more traditional LS style Fuel System.  This allows for easier vehicle integration and more availability of performance adders.  LST is essentially LS Swapping an LT and Godzilla Engine to a more widely used engine operating architecture.  Look for LST Engine controls, and LST Conversion Parts site wide.

Ford Fans, we're excited about the GODZILLA too!!

The exciting new 7.3 liter engine from Ford Motor Company was released in 2020 as the first traditional "pushrod" engine design in over 25 years.  As one of the most exciting late model engines to be released it will directly compete with the LS & LT engines for space and horsepower. Check out our tech notes HERE  for more information on sizing and space constraints.  Need more information?  Contact us and we can help you feed the beast!