Factory Mast LS3/L92/L96 Gen III & IV Cylinder Heads

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Factory Mast OE Cast cylinder heads are an economical way to make more power with your LS. Our Airflow team has developed the LS3/L92/L96 ports with wet flow characteristics never before found in heads like these.

Factory Mast ported GM LS porting service is a great option for those looking for great bang for your buck.  These ports are now available to you in our Factory Mast cylinder heads.

Specifications: GM Stock LS3/L92/L96 Head Core

  • Stock Chamber
  • Seats: Stock Iron
  • Guides: Stock Powdered Metal
  • Minimum Bore: 3.890"

All Factory Mast Heads get:

  • Teardown | Clean | Inspect
  • 5-Axis CNC Porting
  • Precision CNC Valve Job
  • Recondition/clean all gasket surfaces and ends
  • Hand Blending
  • Surfacing
  • Final Wash and Assembly
  • Pressure Tested


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